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Is this site a secure payment gateway?

Yes. PLSN Bookshelf is an offically verified and Verisign client.

Transaction Processing



How much does it cost to post a listing?

BEN has several ways to post and enhance your listings.

Job post related fees:

  • Basic Job Post fee: $0.00
    The base cost for a job post in a single category.
  • Additional category(ies) fee: $5.00
    To list the post in additional categories.
  • Front Page Featured fee: $15.00
    To list in the 'Featured' section on the homepage.
  • Highlighted fee: $10.00
    Adds a highlight to the listing for standing out in search results.
  • Bold fee: $10.00
    Bold text-face for the listing for standing out in search results.
  • Featured Video fee: $25.00
    To list a video in the 'Featured' section on the homepage.
  • Premium fee: $15.00
    To list an image in the 'Premium Companies' Sidebar on every page.

Resume Related Fees:

  • Basic Resume Post Fee: $0.00
    The base cost for a resume post. Cover letters are included.
  • Front Page Featured fee: $25.00
    To list in the 'Featured' section in an employer resume search.
  • Highlighted fee: $10.00
    Adds a highlight to the listing in an employer resume search.
  • Bold fee: $10.00
    Bold text-face for the listing for standing out in an employer resume search.


How can I view my listing?

You can login at any time by going to the login box available on every BEN page in the left column at any time after you have created your account. The 'Your Documents' tab has links to post and manage all your listings and posted information.

You may also receive emails regarding your lisings from interested parties during the life of your listing. Messagges from these parties are accessable from the "Private Messages" page also in your account.
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How will interested parties see my listing?

Interested parties can perform a search of or browse thelistings throughout our site that results in a list of records meeting their search criteria. If your listings meets the search criteria, it will be contained in the search results list. Anyone can view the Job posting but only those with a free Employer account can view the Resumes.
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What are Print Listings?

Job listings may also be placed in one or more of our 3 publications: Projection, Lights and Staging News , FRONT of HOUSE and Stage Directions. Print prices may vary and include a free online listing. Your online listing is separate from your print listing. Please contact or staff to place a listing for print.
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How do I renew my listing?

Online listings may be renewed by creating a new listing with the same information as the old one or contacting our staff. Managing your expiration dates will be self-managed in the near future.
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When will my listing be available for viewing?

After you create your lsiting, it should be available for the public to view on the website at the designated start time you set within the listing when it is created. Job Posting do not require a login but Resumes can only be viewed my those with an employer account.
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Email & Messages

When will I get the email for my listing?

Messages about your listing will be delivered to the email address in your profile.
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What if I don't receive emails for my listing?

If you feel that you are not receiving emails from potential parties, then one of the following things could be happening:

  • You may have a security issue, a spam-filter, an anti-virus program, or firewall on your computer that is keeping the messages from getting through. Please white-list '' in your email client.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may be blocking the messages. You may need to add to the list of valid senders within your email account setup, as emails related to your listing will be coming from "". The following section describes how to do this for several of the most common email programs. In addition to your own email program, you can always login to your listing account to view all messages sent to you by potential paties through ours system.
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How do I prevent email from going into a "bulk/spam/junk mail" folder?

Many email programs have a built-in filter that automatically blocks messages from any sender whose email address is not in the recipient's address book or Safe Sender list.

To ensure that your classified advertisement messages arrive in your INBOX safely, please add the domain to your email address book or Safe Sender list. If you do not receive your Free mail messages, please check your spam or bulk email folder to ensure that email has not been delivered there instead of your inbox. If you do find any email from shoppers, select the message and mark it Not Spam. This should allow future messages to get through to your INBOX. Please contact your ISP or E-mail provider for further assistance in adding to your save sender's list.
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How do I change my email address?

Your email address is used as a unique identifier that tells the system who you are. Once you place your listing online you cannot change your email address yourself. However, if your email address has changed or was entered incorrectly, contact our staff for assistance
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How do I set up a password?

When you register online within the system, you will choose your login email address and your password. You can keep and use the initial password or you can change it at any time from within your account. If you choose to change it, you can use a word or a series of letters and numbers. The password is case sensitive and must contain at least 6 characters. They can be any combination of upper and lower case.
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What if I forget my password?

If you forget your account password, you can request that a new password be generated and emailed to you automatically. Once you receive the new password, you can either keep and use it or change it within your account.

To reset your password, click the "Lost Password " link on the login page and follow the instructions. A new password will be sent to your email address within a few minutes of submitting your request.
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Requesting Help

How do I request assistance with my listing or account?

You may contact our staff at any time for assistance. If you are experiencing a problem or an error with your listing, make sure you provide as much information as possible on the nature and location of the problem so that we can assist you in resolving the reported problem.

Support is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, excluding holidays.
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Photos & Images

Can I have a picture/photo in my listing?

You can have a photo for a Resume. The photo must be re-sized to 100x80px.

Company profiles may also have a photo.
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How do I get images for my listing?

The easiest way to obtain images for your sale items is to use a digital camera to capture your images and use a photo editor to resize it. If you do not have software on our computer, you can use a free online photo editor like FotoFlexer
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What kind of image format do I need?

We accept .bmp .gif, .jpg photo types. Please make sure that your photo files are available on your computer and that they are named with the appropriate file type extension. For example; myphoto.jpg.
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Where did those cool icons come from?

The non-Timeless Communications affiliated icons on this site can be found at
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How is my privacy protected?

All data collected is secured for your protection. Individually identifiable information is never sold nor is it given to others, unless required to do so by legal authorities. Check your user account and the local media company's privacy policy and Terms & Conditions for specific information on your rights as an advertiser.
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Why can't I find my online listing?

Online listings will appear for the time designated within the listing package that is selected at the time of placement. In addition, each listing will have a start date that is set by the seller. If you do not find your listing online the listing start date may not yet have passed, or the listing may have expired. If you have any difficulty locating your listing, or you feel that there may be an error associated with the availability of the listing online, please contact us.
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